How much dust will there be?
The sander is connected to a powerful vacuum which is almost 100% dust-free
How long will it take?
Depends on the severity of the top. For a 6 foot top:
  • Approx 30-45 minutes for dull/faded looking top
  • 1 hour for Minimal scratches (not very deep)
  • 1½ hour for heavy scratches
How much will it cost?
Due to the variable nature of the business, it's difficult to give an accurate price range without taking a look at the work needed. Which leads to the next question
Is estimate/quotes included in the price?
Yes, this is FREE
What is the procedure?
Book an appointment or send me an email using the details on the contact page and provide with as much information as you can. I will contact you via email or phone with a quote/estimate.
How do I pay?
I accept cash, check and all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or JCB).
  • Before and After Corian sample
  • Before and After Surface sample
  • Before and After hole repair

I think everyone should have the option to keep the top that you have when it just needs what I call a 'tune-up'. Saves time and money, the top will look brand new, and no one will know.