About Woody

I have been working with solid surface for over 36 years, (February 1987). My experience has led me through all aspects and stages of solid surface. I have fabricated, installed and serviced/repaired solid surface.

I have worked for 3 companies that build, install and service solid surfaces and 2 are major companies in the Chicagoland area. I was hand picked by these companies to do the solid surface repair services. I started my journey in 1987 by fabricating and installing. I started repairing solid surface 7 years later (1994) when I took the test course by Du Pont to see if I am qualified to do everything there is to fabricate, install and repair Solid Surfaces - they will not have just anyone to do the repairs - and yes I passed on June 29 1994.

  • Before and After Corian sample
  • Before and After Surface sample
  • Before and After hole repair

I think everyone should have the option to keep the top that you have when it just needs what I call a 'tune-up'. Saves time and money, the top will look brand new, and no one will know.